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1-1 Daily Warmups

Access The World And Write Your Way To $$$
(c) 2010 by Mona Leeson Vanek

Flexing Your Creative Brain Cells

Just like exercising your muscles, flexing your brain cells should be a daily affair. One ten-minute exercise ensures that your brain will create strong visual images and present you with story ideas. Within a month, your brain will become better conditioned for creative writing and you'll see a remarkable improvement.
  1. On one half of a sheet of paper, list 10 nouns.
  2. On the other half, write the name of an occupation.
  3. Below it, list 15 verbs used in that occupation.
  4. Create a sentence using one of the nouns and one of the verbs.
  5. When you've created 10 sentences, use them to make a vignette, a scene, or a little story.
You'll be amazed at what your well-conditioned brain creates.

Chapter 1 - Ideas and Basic Information-

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