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9-4 E-Book Publishing and e-book Readers

(c) 2010, Mona Leeson Vanek

To reach the largest possible audience you can publish in more than one format. Some people like to print out e-books; PDF would obviously work best for them. Some people love reading books in LIT format on their Pocket PC phone; they can take a dozen (or a hundred) books with them anywhere in their pocket; it's especially great when traveling. The Microsoft Reader software is available for Windows or Windows Mobile at and it also has a text-to-speech package so the books can be easily accessed by the blind.

You can create LIT files with the ReaderWorks software at

Advantages are that e-books go on forever, apparently. They can remain available and continue to sell, sometimes once a month, sometimes zero for several months, and occasionally as many as 50 a month. Author's get royalties (often not much but some) and someone is reading their work.

Another valuable advantage recently was demonstrated when Natalie Roberts, replublished her out-of-print book on Kindle.

October 16, 2010, Natalie wrote,
"I'm excited to announce that I have one new book, and two other books now available in Kindle!
"Sister Wife, which has been out of print for quite some time, is now available on Amazon. Twisted Sister, the sequel to Sister Wife, is also there in Kindle format. There is also a hardback version, for those who don't want an electronic read. And The Fourth World, a brand new book from me, is available as well, on Kindle. And the bestselling Wives and Sisters is also available in Kindle format."
Roberts is giving away two free Kindles, with two ways to win
  1. Become a fan on her Facebook page (and stay there until the contest is over)
  2. Buy SisterWife, Twisted Sister, or The Fourth World, and review them on Amazon. Send her a copy of the review for proof to be entered to win.
e-Books are reviewed by ForeWord Reviews, Contact Jennifer Szunko, Director of Clarion Review Services, They offer book reviews anytime, anywhere and anyone can Download their new iPhone App,

However, while you're mulling your options, read Liz Castro's: EPUB Straight to the Point, posted at The Book Designer,

Before you considering e-book publishing, try first to get an agent to handle your work. Then try to sell your manuscript directly to a publisher. After both of those efforts fail, choose (carefully) an e-book publisher.

However, every few months new developments must be considered. News reports abound that plans to stop offering e-books in Microsoft Reader or Adobe e-formats and will offer e-books only in Kindle or Mobipocket formats. Amazon owns the Kindle and Mobipocket.

A major problem with electronic publishing has surfaced recently -- it can be tied to a format which can only be read by proprietary hardware or software. Only one of the formats mentioned --- Adobe --- is an open format which can be read without buying special hardware or software, and that is not one which Amazon is going to offer.

"In ten years time, it is very likely neither Kindle nor Mobipocket will be available, or if they are available will use the same format. Nor is it likely that today's devices will still work that long into the future: they break down, they get dropped, they get lost. Where does that leave readers who have bought books in these formats? Or writers whose work has been published in these formats?"

It is imperative to keep abreast of the rapid changes taking place in the marketplace.

In July 2010, Newsweek published this article by Isia Jasiewicz,

Aug. 4, 2010, Spiegel Online International published an interesting interview with the (German) CEO of Random House as to the future of print and e-books and the publishing industry, Part 1,,1518,709760,00.html; Part 2,,1518,709760-2,00.html; Part 3,,1518,709760-3,00.html.

It's difficult to keep abreast of the rapid changes in the publishing industry, but it's imperative for every writer who wants to succeed.

Chapter 18 - Book Publishing:

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9-5 Book Publicity and Marketing

(c) 2010 by Mona Leeson Vanek

As you've noticed, I include information provided by several successful professional writers that elaborate on these two essential parts of becoming successful to growing your career.

Ally E. Peltier, experienced editor, writer, publishing consultant and owner of, shares this advice for new authors.

"It is critical to show prospective publishers that,
  • "a) they understand they will be working hard to publicize and market their own books;
  • "b) they have already begun working to establish a foundation for such an effort by building an effective platform;
  • c) they are smart, professional, and as enthusiastic about the business side of being an author as they are about the creative craft of writing."
But what if you've self published your book? You'll be using the Internet in as many creative ways as you can to publicize and promote it! In today's publishing world when editors come across a self-published book's title a few times online, they type the title into a search engine to check whether or not it's being widely touted. In today's publishing arena it pays to have your book reviewed or commented on favorably, in print and online, as many places as possible.

TIP: Midwest Book Review,, provides exceptionally well organized information. Don't miss Book Publicity and Marketing link to,

Reviews posted to that site apparently are widely distributed in bulletins sent to libraries and numerous other possible book buyers. Get your literate friend or aunt to become a reviewer and plug your book there. The reviews are very short, and the reviewers aren't paid, but don't miss this opportunity to make it possible for editors read reviews of your book(s).

If you have a book or more on Amazon, and haven't checked recently, Amazon has introduced a new area: author pages. You can have a bio, photo, it lists your books, and not only that you can also have a blog and ... Oh I forget. Anyway it's an excellent promotional item.

At The Bauu Institute Press,, among the wealth of information and resources for authors you'll find The Free Press Release Sites for Book Marketing and Author Promotion, It's a collection of press release sites where you can submit your announcement, all for free.

Search the web and you'll locate an astounding number of websites to get the word out, but beware that you do not entangle yourself with spurious sites, else you may harm your reputation. You'll also find addresses of newspaper, magazines and periodicals that print book reviews. Take every advantage to spread the word about your book as quickly as possible, and continue promoting it until the last copy is sold -- no matter who is doing the marketing!

With the advent of social networking, the world of publishing changed rapidly. If you're new to social networking (or even if you're not), check out Debra Littlejohn Shinder's article, "10 Ways to Stay Out of Trouble when you Post to Social Networking Sites" on the TechRepublic site at

Debra is highly respected for her virtual-crime fighting expertise. Her titles include MVP/Security, Editor, WXPnews (,, and Tech Blog:

On the bookshelf, "Throwing Sheep in the Boardroom" is the first comprehensive book written for a wide audience about the Web 2.0 social networking revolution,

Authors Matthew Fraser and Soumitra Dutta wrote, "The generation entering the workforce today - and entering boardrooms everywhere - is fully engaged with social networking and its uses. Rather than feeling threatened and paranoid, today's business leaders need to understand this phenomenon, accept that it won't go away, and embrace its power in the world of business."

Give serious thought to how you use this powerful new medium. Although social networking is increasing at phenominal speed in the business world and vastly enhancing the work-a-day world, it warrants the time to learn about its many uses.

Another recent development for pubicizing your book is Amazon's induction of a new area, author pages. If you have a book or more on Amazon ou can have a bio, photo, it lists your books, you can have a blog, and other goodies. Check it this excellent promotional item.
Learn more at, Be sure to read,

Chapter 18 - Book Publishing:

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