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5-3 Model Release

When a signed release is required to publish photographs taken of people you can be prepared. Here's an example of the release form I've carried with me, and used successfully when opportunities for photo-stories came my way. You can also buy release forms at office supplies stores.


In consideration for value received, I hereby authorize the photographer, __________________________________________, and or parties designated by the photographer (including clients, purchasers, agencies, and periodicals or other printed matter and their editors) to use photograph in conjunction with my name (or fictitious name) for sale to or reproduction in any medium the photographer or his designees see fit for purposes of advertising, display, audiovisual, exhibition, or editorial use.

I, ___________________________________________, affirm that I am more than (circle one) [18]  [21] years of age.




I, ____________________________, the legal parent or guardian of

________________________________, a minor, in consideration for value received, assign to

__________________________________ its customers and representatives, the exclusive right to copy and reproduce for the purpose of illustration, advertising, and publication in any manner whatsoever any photograph of said minor in its possession.





5-1 Essay Cover Letters

(c) 2010 Mona Vanek

When offering an essay to a newspaper or magazine editor, begin the cover letter (even in e-mail) with a paragraph or a combination of paragraphs from your essay. An example from a cover letter written by Julia Rosen, a well-known Canadian Freelance Writer, demonstrates her successful technique:

"So begins my essay, 'A Farewell to Begonias.' This (x-word) piece traces the history of my love affair with plants, tells how I came to be in possession of this particular example of horticulture mastery, and takes the reader on a journey from spring to fall of that fateful year, showing how my love of plants reflected my love of life."

Follow that with your background in essay writing. Paste your essay after your closing signare. If the editor isn't interested s/he'll know before diving into the whole essay. If s/he is, she'll read on. And you may have made a sale. If you have all the elements that ooze professionalism, the rest is hit and miss. What one editor loves, another will hate.

eHow,com offers a good article on writing essay cover letters,
How to Write a Cover Letter for an Essay Submission, by Contributor, Jennifer L. Potts.

Chapter 10 - Manuscript Preparation:

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4-6 The 'Rights' You Market

(c) 2010 Mona Leeson Vanek

When you 'sell' rights to magazines, or book publishers, or online media, film, radio, tv, etc., you don't actually sell rights -- you license rights. That is, unless you do give up your copyright by selling it. Otherwise, you license rights.

You may want to license "First publication rights only", "Electronic publication rights for thirty days only", "Unlimited archival rights", "One-time print use only -- all rights reserved", or any other of the many intellectual rights you own to a manuscript. Learn all you can before you're offered a contract for "rights" you're marketing.

At you'll find a wealth of helpful articles. To learn about 'rights' before you sell them, click on The Business of Writing link at top of the page: to get to, where you should study until you're satisfied that you understand the business side of writing.

Chapter 9 - Querying and Related Issues:

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10-2 Selling Reprints + Finding Reprint Markets

(c) 2010 Mona Leeson Vanek

Moira Allen is the editor of, and the author of more than 300 published articles. You'll find good initial information about selling reprints at Moira Allen's site: Her books on writing include Starting Your Career as a Freelance Writer and The Writer's Guide to Queries, Pitches and Proposals. (See use terms on her site.)

You'll can locate publications that buy reprints with an online search by typing the following, (complete with + and quotations marks), "publications" + "sell reprints".

Happy reselling!

Chapter 21 - Polish, Sell, and Enjoy Rewards!:

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