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1-6 Let Retrieving Misplaced Data = Efficient Writing

(c) 2010 Mona Leeson Vanek

Retrieving forgotten file names
Take the time to learn the search functions in your computer because Search functions save hours of frustration, and allow you to retrieve misplaced and related pertinent information quickly.

You will never regret the time spent learning, and by doing so you will increase your efficiency and output considerably.

Operating system search option locates keywords in word documents, and e-mail software search option sifts through e-mail files lightening fast. Each returns a list of files containing the precise word or words you enter into the Search.

Most searches will operate in the background while you continue writing, if you're pressed for time.

Because operating systems vary widely, and so do e-mail software programs, you will need to read your program's help files to learn how to use your search functions.

About software programs essential to writers
Internet browser: A software program enabling users to navigate the Internet.

Web-based e-mail: e-mail messages are stored in equipment owned by an Internet service provider, but is not stored in your computer unless you copy it into a file in your computer.

E-mail software program: Let's you download your e-mail messages from equipment owned by an Internet service provider, into a file folder in your computer, and you choose to either save or delete messages from your computer.

Alternative methods for web-based e-mail:
  1. Save material as a draft message, which makes it is easy to access anywhere on any computer, and backup as both word documents and messages to minimize any loss due to both online-site and computer failure.
  2. When doing research, open two web based email accounts, e.g. one Hotmail and one in another, such as a Gmail or Qmail account. Send the mail to both email accounts (e.g. you have the Hotmail open and send it to yourself, and put your other account address in the CC line). It is very unlikely with this double system that you will ever lose data. To be extra safe, use three instead of two accounts. Some people won't like it because you give away part of the control, and some people will use three accounts to be extra safe.
  3. Word processor documents work just as well as a computer-based e-mail file-message.
  4. See for another option.
  5. It's possible to use Microsoft with Gmail. You'll find instructions here:

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