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4-6 The 'Rights' You Market

(c) 2010 Mona Leeson Vanek

When you 'sell' rights to magazines, or book publishers, or online media, film, radio, tv, etc., you don't actually sell rights -- you license rights. That is, unless you do give up your copyright by selling it. Otherwise, you license rights.

You may want to license "First publication rights only", "Electronic publication rights for thirty days only", "Unlimited archival rights", "One-time print use only -- all rights reserved", or any other of the many intellectual rights you own to a manuscript. Learn all you can before you're offered a contract for "rights" you're marketing.

At you'll find a wealth of helpful articles. To learn about 'rights' before you sell them, click on The Business of Writing link at top of the page: to get to, where you should study until you're satisfied that you understand the business side of writing.

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