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5-1 Essay Cover Letters

(c) 2010 Mona Vanek

When offering an essay to a newspaper or magazine editor, begin the cover letter (even in e-mail) with a paragraph or a combination of paragraphs from your essay. An example from a cover letter written by Julia Rosen, a well-known Canadian Freelance Writer, demonstrates her successful technique:

"So begins my essay, 'A Farewell to Begonias.' This (x-word) piece traces the history of my love affair with plants, tells how I came to be in possession of this particular example of horticulture mastery, and takes the reader on a journey from spring to fall of that fateful year, showing how my love of plants reflected my love of life."

Follow that with your background in essay writing. Paste your essay after your closing signare. If the editor isn't interested s/he'll know before diving into the whole essay. If s/he is, she'll read on. And you may have made a sale. If you have all the elements that ooze professionalism, the rest is hit and miss. What one editor loves, another will hate.

eHow,com offers a good article on writing essay cover letters,
How to Write a Cover Letter for an Essay Submission, by Contributor, Jennifer L. Potts.

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