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9-3 Audio Book Publishing

(c) 2010 Mona Leeson Vanek

The audio book industry is on a fast track ~~ with over a billion dollars in sales annually. Over 40 million audio books were sold last year alone, according to Spoken Books Publishing,
  • Words come alive and fictional characters quickly become real.
  • How-to-information becomes understandable.
  • Sightless people can enjoy books again.
The reasons go on and on, and profits to authors soar.

Read summaries from publishers that specialize in audio books, at Spoken Books Publishing,, and also study at Publishing Central,, and at Green Leaf Book Group LCC,

Also, type (Tip -- fast method, copy\paste) audiobookpublishing into and to get many sites to check out.

The importance of new developments in the industry must always be considered.

As I write this, a major concern with electronic publishing is being tied to a format which can only be read by proprietary hardware or software.

Keep an eye on this by checking news reports. Ie. Adobe, Kindle, Mobipocket, iPad. etc. (Today, 07/21/10, is offering a free download of Kindle to your PC, I have no idea how long this offer will last, but you can check on it at

In ten years time, all of them could be past history, or if they are available they won't use the same format. Nor is it likely that today's devices will still work that long into the future: they break down, they get dropped, they get lost.
  • Where does that leave readers who have bought books in these formats?
  • Or writers whose work has been published in these formats?
  • Do similar fates befall audio books, too?
Experienced professional writers keep abreast of the market place, because the book marketplace is changing lightening fast.

Chapter 18 - Book Publishing:

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