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6-3 Character traits

(c) 2010, Mona Leeson VanekBegin learning about character traits and their importance from the book many professional writers recommend, The Writer's Guide to Character Traits, Linda N. Edelstein. Edelstein talks about common traits such as, being dependable, creative, ambitious, charismatic, curious, etc. As your character first begins to evolve, step back and make a list of this person's character traits.Practice this technique by writing a short vignette that tells a story about a character, using one set of characteristics. For instance, show a "responsible" character's deeds in your story. Then write another vignette, using a different set of characteristics. Make a habit of this exercise while you're writing.Study online at Suite101, you want to expand your understanding, type character traits into a search engine, such as, and follow links to continue your studies about character traits and their importance in a story.

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