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9-1 "Plussing" Your Novel

(c) 2010, Mona Leeson Vanek

When I first saw the word "plussing" in regard to writing I hadn't a clue to its meaning. So I quickly typed "plussing" into, my favorite search engine. LOL! I discovered a lot, but none of it seemed relevant to writing.

Then, a writer friend explained to me that book doctors use the term. "Plussing," as well as pruning, is taken into consideration as they edit a writer's work, especially in the following two areas. Scene setting is often woefully inadequate or entirely missing from the manuscript. And staging, or moving the story forward while omitting descriptions of the physical movements called for, or using unclear or impossible actions.

Because writers are "seeing" both the words on the manuscript page as well as a visual picture of the story in their minds, authors especially have trouble writing those two areas well. Both require plussing the manuscript. As you write, you'll avoid the need to fill in missing details only if you don't omit them in the first place.

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