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1. Put Pointer on Link 2. Click Right Mouse Button 3. Open in new Tab

Repeat until desired Tabs are at top of Screen

Hover over Tab. Click it! Whiz to selected Page!



2-3 Making Tiny URLs

(c) 2010 Mona Leeson Vanek

First, open your Internet browser and go to Add it to your Favorites.

Then, when you need to convert a long webpage address into a shortened URL, put your mouse on the line at the top of your screen (the http: of the webpage on your screen.)
  • Right click to highlight the URL.
  • Select Copy to put a copy of the URL on your (invisible) clipboard.
  • Go to Favorites and open Tiny URL. (
On, paste a copy of the long webpage address into the box.
  • Click on "Make tinyURL." (If your browser asks permission to access the site, allow it.)
You'll get the new shortened URL link that you can Copy and Paste that URL into the message where you want to share it with someone, but don't use punctuation marks or it won't work.

Advice FromThe Pros:

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