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3-7 Let Writing Careers and Writers and Artists Glossary Terms Enhance Your Vocabulary

(c) 2010, Mona Leeson Vanek

Put more writer's savy into your vocabulary today with a glossary of the terms used in your profession. It's very frustrating when someone tells you something and you misunderstand, or can't comprehend, the terms they're using. Don't be caught unaware. You'll be more savy after a visit to the glossary of terms that pertain to literature, writing, art, graphic design, and technology at WriteDesignonline, Bookmark it now.

For example, an advance isn't moving a chess piece, clip isn't how you trim your nails, galley isn't the sailboat's kitchen, imprint isn't pushing your palms into plaster of paris, and pasteup isn't gluing objects.A good many words have different meanings for editors and publishers than the way you've always understood them.There's an excellent recently updated glossary of writing careers here in John Hewitt's, PoeWar archives,

Chapter 8 - Newsgroups, Forums and Reference Desks:

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  1. I like the articles that teach me something new! post will submit you 7 ways for sel-development!

    1. Thanks, Paul Smith. Your website will also help writers.
      Mona Leeson Vanek.
      Behind These Mountains, Vol. I, II & III, the story about settling Montana's northwest mountains is available on DVD by email request: and on eKindle at Amazon


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